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Apply for the 2020 Tok Management Area Dall Sheep hunt

The deadline to turn in your application through us is December 5th. If you want me to put you in, I need to receive your TMA Application, Guide/Client Agreement (all on the same form) and fees, by this date. Click below for the TMA Application and Guide/Client Agreement that will need to be filled out and returned to me with fees if you want me to file for you.

To get started, fill out the (click here to download and print)
Application and Guide/Client Agreement
and send a copy back to us in the mail with fees made out to:
Matt Snyder, HC 72 Box 805, Tok AK 99780
or print it out, complete the forms, scan it and e-mail completed forms back to us
 (then send the fees to us at the above address)
at:  akhunting@hotmail.com
We’ll do the rest for you!

If you want to put in your own application, the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game has returned to having a single application period for all drawing permit hunts. The application period for draw permits is November 1st through December 16th. The application methods and deadlines for applying with the state are:

If you wish to file online yourself;
Step # 1 Fill out the Guide/Client Agreement, send me a copy at the above address, and go on to step #2.
Step # 2 Go to the Alaska Fish and Game Online Store Purchase page and add a current hunting license to your cart if you don't already have one (if you have a current Alaska hunting license, you will add that number to your personal information in the Alaska Store site). You will need a current Alaska hunting license to apply for the Alaska Drawing Hunt Permits. Go on to step #3
Step # 3 In the same Alaska Fish and Game Online Store Purchase page click on Drawing Hunt Permit.

In the area under draw choices choose Party Hunt or Individual.

Under species choose Dall Sheep with your choice of hunt number. If you want to apply for the maximum of 6 you will have to repeat this process 6 times.

Hunt numbers for the TMA are DS102 (August 10th – August 25th) and DS103 (August 26th – September 20th).

Choose Registered Guide in the dropdown, list Matt Snyder in the Name of Guide. Also be sure to use my State of Alaska issued Unique Verification Code (20106209121)

Complete the process by going to the cart and checkout for the transaction.

If you file yourself you won’t need to send me any fees, you will pay them to the state online, just remember to email or send a copy of the completed Guide Client Agreement form.  And that's it! You are done! Good Luck!

Click here for a downloadable, printable Application and Guide/Client Agreement
(this file is in adobe PDF format)

Gerry Tadina
Gerry Tadina
Mac Jenson
Mac Jensen
Chris McNellis
Chris McNellis
Tom Losk
Tom Losk